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About Joe

I've been practicing within Executive Search since 2011 and started in esports during 2014 where I cut my teeth by working on retained engagements with Fnatic and Riot Games; these partnerships were fuelled by my lifetime of gaming passion.

As Esports' first dedicated executive search consultant, I've combined tried and test executive search practice with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver best in class results for my clients.

My approach and methodology is built on a sagacious foundation which places a huge onus on emotional intelligence, empathy and developing close relationships with everyone my engagement touches to ensure laser accurate delivery.

The industry has matured rapidly since my entry but I believe that the passion wall / barrier of entry is still high in esports for this growth to continue. I founded LFG to sit on pulse of esports development and help craft the future for the industry as a whole; through retained executive search and wider education and discussion of the state of HR in esports. 

Overall, my philosophy is that trust breeds great results and that is why I partner so closely with clients and candidates alike to ensure the most smooth and efficient process possible.